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datapine makes it easy to create advanced Excel dashboards

One of the essential elements of data visualization is Excel dashboard building. It allows for the conversion of raw data into information that can be glanced at rapidly. Using Excel as a simple dashboard software has traditionally been an essential part of the business intelligence field. But creating a dashboard in Excel can be time-consuming. A lot of work is required to fine-tune every element on the page, and it can be intimidating for people with little knowledge of the tool. With datapine’s all-in-one SaaS software, the task of dealing with data is accessible and time efficient. Thanks to our intuitive functionalities, users can go one step further with their data and ensure constant business growth through performance optimization.

Most people are familiar with Excel and how to use it to process datasets, but there is a learning curve that can be a deterrent for some people. Our intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows users to quickly manipulate datasets before exporting them to Excel. This makes it easy to use both pieces of software in tandem, to make the most of the workflow you prefer. Filter and structure data how you want, then export it and create an advanced Excel dashboard.

That being said, performing data analysis in Excel is no longer the best option for businesses that want to thrive in this competitive market because the tool has some limitations, such as the needed technical skills or the static nature of the reports. A professional BI dashboard software such as datapine offers endless opportunities to extract the maximum potential out of your data without the need for any technical skills. Through this, everyone in your organization can be empowered to generate an interactive dashboard within seconds and use them to perform advanced data analysis. Here we tell you some of the main benefits you can gain from using datapine over Excel to build your dashboards:

Leave manual work in the past: Thanks to modern dashboard tools for Excel, the pains of manually inserting several databases into one infinite spreadsheet are a thing of the past. A professional online Excel dashboard maker, such as datapine, allows you to connect all your data sources into one single point of access with just a few clicks. This lets you focus on the important part of the analysis: extracting actionable insights to boost your business performance.
Mitigate the risk of human error: When dealing with static Excel spreadsheets, the risk of making a mistake while cleaning, preparing, or copying the data from other sources is high. With modern Excel dashboards, the risk of human error is 100% gone, thanks to algorithms that clean and prepare your data for you. This way, you can trust your results are 100% accurate.
Save time and money: Expanding on the previous point, a modern Excel dashboard creator saves businesses tons of money and time by significantly mitigating the risk of human error. Time, for not having to handle every data source manually, and money, for not having to fix the aforementioned human errors. Plus, they give decision-makers the knowledge they need to build informed strategies allowing for smarter budgeting and overall resource allocation.
Benefit from real-time data: With classic Excel sheets, the reporting process is static and time-consuming. Paired with this, you need to constantly update your data manually, which is risky and inefficient. Professional dashboard tools will do the heavy work for you. You only have to connect your data sources once and the software will automatically update the data as soon as new information is available. This way, you get fresh insights always available with just a few clicks.
Implement a data-driven culture: One of the biggest downfalls of classic Excel-based data analysis is that it requires a certain number of skills to use it successfully. Excel dashboard software is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to everyone. Thanks to an intuitive drag & drop interface, everyone in your organization can create their own dashboard and benefit from data analysis without needing any prior skills. In the long run, a strong data-driven culture will be implemented in your entire organization.

As you’ve seen through this list of benefits, a professional Excel dashboard generator can provide businesses with all the functionalities of this traditional tool but with a more modern interactive and self-service approach that meets the fast-paced nature of today’s competitive business landscape. The best part is modern dashboard software breaks the knowledge gap between employees empowering everyone to integrate data analytics into their workflows. In time, these interactive tools will boost collaboration and communication between managers, teams, and departments skyrocketing the company’s goals and objectives.

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Boost capabilities with our Excel dashboard software

Make advanced Excel dashboards with datapine’s easy-to-use graphical interface. Turn your datasets into useful graphs, charts, and dashboards by either creating them with our dashboard creator or drilling down before exporting what you need to Excel. Performing data analysis in Excel or writing complex codes with SQL reporting tools can be a chore for some, but with our BI solution, the entire process is much more simplified. When you need to make dashboards for Excel, take greater control by exporting the data as a CSV file and importing it to datapine. This functionality can make light work of even the most demanding datasets. Using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface, manipulate the data you need to create a compelling dashboard quickly.

datapine is a self-service BI solution that takes the challenging work out of data analysis. You can connect your database(s) and upload any kind of CSV files, for example, exports from Google Analytics, Google AdWords, or financial reports to include expenses in your analyses. Manipulate your data for Excel dashboards like never before when you use datapine to create real-time interactive dashboards without any SQL or advanced Excel knowledge.

Among some of its key features, datapine’s interactive Excel dashboard tool includes:

Interactive filtering options: Static visualizations won’t cut in today’s data-driven world. datapine offers a click-to-filter feature that enables you to visualize your data in several ways, all on one screen. All you need to do is click on a specific KPI or chart, and the entire Excel dashboard will be filtered based on that information, for example, a selected country or time period. Leave infinite-slides PowerPoint presentations and static Excel sheets behind with an all-in-one professional dashboard tool like datapine.
Multi-device access: Because datapine is a SaaS software, all your analysis processes can be done online. You are no longer tight to a file in your computer, but you can access your live dashboards from any smart device with an internet connection. This enables you to access real-time data from anywhere you might need it. Plus, the size and overall look of the dashboard can be optimized to meet the screen size. For example, if you are watching on mobile, the dashboard will only show the most important KPIs, so the visibility will not be affected.
Flexible data visualization: Being able to represent your most essential information through graphs and charts has been one of the main use cases for Excel. A modern tool such as datapine goes one step further from static graphs to a wide range of interactive charting options. Benefit from over 25+ types of graphs and charts including areas, columns, bars, spiders, lines, and more. Through them, you’ll be able to tell a compelling data story that will keep employees engaged and motivated to meet their goals.
Multiple charting options: datapine allows you to explore your data from different angles and perspectives with just a few clicks. The drill-through feature allows you to click on a value from the dashboard and visualize it in a detailed graph, while the drill-down lets you filter your charts into a lower level of the axis for a more detailed look at your performance.
AI & Predictive analytics: datapine’s Excel dashboard software also includes advanced analysis features to make your life easier. On the one hand, the predictive analytics tool will analyze your historical data to predict future outcomes and trends in your performance. And on the other hand, AI data alerts will use neural networks to learn from patterns in your data and notify you if anything unusual is happening. Like this, you don’t need to be constantly check your data, as you will get notified if anything needs your attention.
Automated reporting: As mentioned previously, one of the most significant benefits of these modern tools is cutting manual work by automating data collection and integration. But not just that, datapine’s professional Excel dashboard maker also allows you to automate the dashboard-generation process. All you need to do is select the KPIs you want to display, as well as any filters or additional functionalities, and a dashboard will be generated in a matter of minutes. Even better, you can also set up a time and date for the dashboard to be automatically shared with selected recipients via email or other formats.
Securely share your dashboards: You can rest assured that your data is always safe at all times thanks to datapine’s security features, including viewer rights that you can set up in your dashboards so that receivers will only see the data you allow them to see. On the other hand, you can share your Excel dashboard in a live URL that can be password protected for extra security.

These are just a few of the multiple features and functionalities you could benefit from using our professional Excel dashboard software. If you want to see these in action, check our live dashboard library with over 100+ interactive examples for different functions and departments.


Unlock the power of dashboards for Excel

datapine features a smart drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to make a dashboard quickly and easily. Drag and drop the data you need to drill down on essential elements, then export graphs to Excel without having to perform the hard yards to begin with. datapine’s ease-of-use really does make it one of the best dashboard builder options you will find. But not just that, if you don’t want to spend time generating a dashboard or simply don’t feel comfortable with the design part of the process, our tool provides you with an extensive library of pre-made dashboard templates to choose from. That way, you’ll be able to visualize your most important KPIs in a matter of seconds without investing any time in designing and generating them. Leaving you enough time and energy to focus on extracting relevant insights and making smart business decisions.

With datapine’s professional dashboard software for Excel, static reporting is a thing of the past. Interactive dashboards will allow for a much more agile and efficient decision-making process, and less IT involvement by empowering everyone to perform data analysis, save time on manual reporting and updating data, and ultimately increase productivity by extracting actionable insights about your business performance.

The level of insight and knowledge provided by our tool allows organizations of all sizes to take charge of their data and use it to improve their performance on a strategic and operational level. In time, using data to inform their strategies will set them apart from competitors by making decisions based on actual facts instead of intuition.

If you’ve only ever tried Excel dashboarding and want to learn more about what datapine can do for you, why not sign up for a free 14-day trial that comes with no commitments? See for yourself how our SaaS BI tool works by creating your own graphs and customized online dashboards connecting your own database(s) or CSV files.

We’re sure that if you try out our software, you’ll be pleasantly surprised about the power and ease of use at your fingertips. Sign up now to easily create advanced Excel dashboards and reports and discover new business opportunities that may have been buried beneath all of your data.

but don’t take our word for it...We were amazed how easy it was to use datapine and get the first KPIs within a couple of minutes. datapine is definitively a game changer for us as now all decision makers have quick, easy access to ad hoc analysis, KPI dashboards and reports.Sebastian Diemer, Founder at KreditechGO TO PRODUCT OVERVIEW
If you can visualize it, you can manage it.

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