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Market research analytics is the process of extracting information about target markets, customers, and marketing efforts through data visualization tools in order to generate valuable business insights and report on obtained results in an effective way. It has that specificity to be focused on a real market feedback. It has evolved from offline data gathering techniques to active online tracking of consumers’ habits, behaviors and opinion. Market research analytics has become more important than ever: now that we can directly take the pulse of customers through various channels, the need to retrieve all these data updated in real time on one unique platform is essential. Thanks to that, you can measure the impact of your campaigns so as to improve them and take better data-driven decisions in the future.

"datapine gives us all the insights we need in a compact space. Thanks to datapine we are able to review all relevant customer data and react on trends and opportunities much faster."

Moritz Klussmann


Take your market and customer data analyses to the next level with the help of advanced market research analytics tools.

  • Analyze user data in real-time and get actionable insights
  • Identify important patterns and trends within your data sets
  • Make customer-focused, data-driven decision faster than before
  • Share clear and up-to-date dashboards with your clients and stakeholders
  • Enhance your Customer Satisfaction and drive your revenue growth
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The main purpose of market researches is double: identify and solve marketing issues when trying to approach your customers. The analytics you extract from them points out what you should do and why. By leveraging your market research analytics, you can measure the evolution of your efforts and make better decisions about what’s coming next.

For a market research company offering various analysis services for different clients, datapine’s business intelligence software is the solution you need for advanced analyses and data presentations. You can quickly combine all your data sources and build meaningful data visualizations and interactive dashboards. You can also easily visualize the holistic approach of all the measurements undertaken, and share your analysis results seamlessly via interactive reports with your clients. Especially for longitudinal studies like panel studies setting up automated analysis and reports will help you to save valuable resources and present your results in the best way possible to your clients.

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Market research analytics tools are applications and technologies used to develop, conduct, process, and analyze market research activities to give researches the most accurate data that are stored and interacted with in comprehensive market research analysis tools. There are several ways in which a business can perform market analysis, whether specialized agencies need it, small businesses or large enterprises. Everyone needs accurate data and insights into their industry which makes market research one of the most crucial business components in today’s cutthroat environment. There are many tools and software that offer insights into audience analysis, survey capabilities, social media, keyword monitoring, trend tracking, and reporting your findings.

The reporting must be unbiased, relevant, and factual. Analyzing your information is an important aspect since you can project how well your product will sell or what your customers think about your service. By using a relevant software this process can be easily done through simple, yet powerful market research dashboards that bring together the whole process under one, cost-effective roof.


To be able to successfully conduct the market research analytics process, first, you need to decide about the purpose of the study and chose the right market research KPIs. Secondly, you should determine target customers in order to get the most relevant data. After that, you should start collecting the data and, finally, generate a report. We will explain the most prominent ones you need to take:

Define your target customers: You must understand the profile of your customers in order to be able to successfully adapt your business decisions and strategies. By identifying their profiles, you should be able to clearly visualize your audience. You should think about their age, gender, location, family status, income, and job titles. With the help of market research analysis tools, you will be able to gather all your data in a single place.

Engage with your target customers: After you have defined your target group, you need additional insights that will help you understand their buying habits. This step can be done through focus groups, online surveys or phone interviews.

Prepare your questions and collect the data: To get the most accurate data, you must be prepared. Listing all the questions, making sure you have enough time for open discussions, and comparing the answers with your major business competitors. That way you will be able to identify where your competitors stand against your product or service and see if you can outmatch their offer.

Analyze and prepare a report: As mentioned earlier, reporting must be factual. By using the right software, market research results will be much easier to analyze. Generating actionable insights, providing detailed information, and interacting with every single part of the research reporting and analysis process can be done with just a few clicks.


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Market research analysis software is an easy-to-use technology that enables users to use basic and advanced analysis, data visualization and reporting processes that provide actionable insights into the specified market study and collected information. Automated processes, intelligent alerts based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and sharing options replaced static presentations and endless spreadsheets. Research no longer has to be done manually, but with market research analytics tools and software that decrease costs, and save time, the entire process takes just a few clicks.

This is where datapine plays a crucial role. To develop the whole operation and management of the research process, and provide reporting options that you can interact with, drilling down into the smallest details or evaluating the bigger picture that will ensure business growth and sustainable development. Our simple software can collect a tremendous amount of data from various sources that will empower you to get insights quickly than ever. You no longer need traditional, static reports or stacked files that risk getting misplaced. Valuable information can be accessed through a single screen, online, whenever you are. These features make datapine the modern solution that will speed your processes, stabilize your research data management, and reduce your costs.


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