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We help you at every step of your analytics journey with professional BI Consulting & Coaching.


datapine business intelligence consulting and coaching assists you all the way through the implementation to the use of our software, so that you can quickly get value from it. Besides, our BI expertise will help you go further in your analysis and gain better acumen from your data. Together with you, we will create professional dashboards visualizing your data, that will specifically answer your individual business needs.
strategic business intelligence consulting services Strategic BI Consulting
We identify together with you the KPIs that are relevant to your business, your industry, and more specifically the KPIs involved in your project. Thanks to best practices that we learned over the years, we are able to go beyond the S.M.A.R.T.E.R criteria and the Six A’s, and provide you with best-in-class bi consulting services. Benefit from insightful and actionable information.
dashboard creation and design services Dashboard Creation & Design
We show you how to easily visualize your data thanks to professional dashboards and BI reporting features available within our software. Our intuitive interface lets you build in no time the interactive dashboard you need to communicate your data story. The many advanced features, filters and customization options let you personalize it at your will.
professional business intelligence coaching through workshop and classroom trainings Workshop & Classroom Trainings
You are not alone: our business intelligence coaching services will help you set up and familiarize yourself with the software, to save up some time on your end. That way, you can harness the power of your data analytics and leverage the full potential of our BI software to maximize your benefits. You will also be able to teach your team and keep on delivering value on your next BI project.
data management and etl services Data Management & ETL
Easily connect all your different data sources to our solution, regardless of their type or nature. Benefit from our ETL as a service offer and skip the time-consuming task of data preparation to set up complex ETL processes: we take care of it for you. Every time a change occurs in your data, it will be automatically handled to ensure you never miss an event.


For any scenario related to strategic planning or design and implementation of a BI project, our BI consulting services will provide you with their expertise. As an experienced partner, we want to help in your transition towards a data-driven decision-making, by empowering you with a culture of analytics. Since any transformation requires change, and change needs guidance, we will pilot you through it by lowering the risk and setting your project up for success.
business intelligence consulting key benefits


Take Advantage of these 6 Key Benefits of our BI Consulting

faster BI adoption

Faster Adoption

Now that you have taken the first step to empower your company with data-driven insights, you might still need a hand to kick-start your analytics journey. datapine’s BI consulting services help you deliver business insights faster, so as to accelerate the time to value. Connect your data from any of your sources and start leveraging its full potential, by getting the answers you need quicker thanks to our full-featured solution augmented by our counseling. You will benefit from our BI expertise and our KPIs best practices developed together with industry experts, that can be further customized by our consultants according to your specific business goals and needs. You are able to be up and running much faster with our solid business intelligence consulting that meets your exact needs.

lower risks

Lower Risk

By opting for datapine’s business intelligence consulting services, you considerably lower the risk of failing – or at least, the risk of wasting time and money with unclear analytics and misunderstood insights. Navigating the ocean of data your company is producing and collecting every day is a real challenge, for which many business professionals are neither ready nor trained to face. By resorting to BI consulting service, you ensure a less chaotic start in your BI journey, learn the best practices in the field and optimize the return on investment. We provide you with business intelligence coaching so that you also learn and can keep on delivering high value to your company on your next project. Lowering the risk with by using our services will give you a real competitive advantage for your project.

competitive advantage

Competitive Advantage

Just like we need a teacher sitting next to us when we start driving, benefiting from BI consulting services from the start of your project will make you win a lot of time and put you on the right tracks straight away. Any new project involving a new technology to get familiarized with will be a challenge – but you do not have to face it all alone. Our BI experts will assist your organization by delivering custom-made creative business intelligence solutions, from the implementation of our best-in-class BI software to the development of tactical, purpose-focused set of data analytics. Thanks to our industry specific knowledge, we help you understand and leverage the power of your analytics, giving you a competitive advantage. Additionally, you will be up and running faster on your next project.

new valuable insights

New Valuable Insights

Thanks to datapine’s business intelligence consulting services, companies gain new valuable insights helping them go deeper in their strategic thinking. Identifying new improvement opportunities or connecting the right data to the right people, we got your back. Our BI experts will work closely with your teams to create and customize a BI architecture that will deliver the maximum of value according to your business analytics requirements. We help you master these requirements by using analytics best practices that we have developed over the years, so that you gain a new insight on your data and reach your strategic goals. These new approaches and new perspectives will give you a competitive edge and assist the top-management by putting them on the path to better informed decision-making.

effective change management

Effective Change Management

As you choose to onboard the analytics train, you will have to cope with many new challenges and familiarize yourself with new technologies. By choosing datapine’s business intelligence coaching and BI consulting services, you will be assisted by professionals that will work hand in hand with you to ensure this digital transformation works smoothly. From the initial planning with clear goals and timeline, to the delivery, we will ensure that the outcome successfully meets your objectives by adapting constantly to new changes as the project needs evolve. Indeed, requirements evolve just like the scope of analytics; this is why we want to empower you with the knowledge and capabilities to manage your BI environment to monitor all the data you have for lasting benefits.

maximize BI ROI

Maximize ROI

With datapine’s business intelligence consulting services, the financial and time-consuming burden of pre-development, delivery and implementation is carried on our side: you can directly take advantage of a best-in-class BI solution augmented with consulting services. By minimizing development and implementation costs, and enhance user adoption, you will get value faster. Thanks to our BI expertise, you can quickly glean actionable insights, save time and money, and ultimately bring decision-making a step further, maximizing the return on investments. Inspire organizational change towards a data-driven decision-making, improve your overall business outcome and monetize your data opportunity better than ever with datapine’s BI coaching.


Why you need BI Consulting?

Business intelligence is today not only accessible to big corporations – small and medium-sized companies can also benefit from self-service BI software like ours. However, like any new technology introduced, an initial coaching of employees will help in getting familiar with the new tool and maximize the benefit you can get out of it. For a more effective monitor and control over your analytics, business intelligence coaching is the safest and fastest way to achieve good ROI and save time in the long run.

At datapine, we believe it is important to give all the keys in hand for our customers. Our philosophy is to provide you with the best-in-class software and the best training to make the most out of it quickly. We deliver valuable insights and help business leaders and stakeholders improve their decision-making. Our data expertise goes beyond retrieving tremendous amount of information and turning it into easy-to-consume reports. You can benefit from our experience to go in more strategic areas and track the relevant metrics that will bring value to your business. By choosing our BI consulting services you will take a shortcut to an effective management of your real-time analytics. Cost savings, performance improvement, customers insights: we help your organization make better decisions efficiently, easily, and profitably.

but don’t take our word for it...datapine assisted us in the management and visualization of complex data sets. That was a real challenge, and their powerful tool and supportive team didn't disappoint us. It makes reporting fun and easy, and leaves us with more time to implement the decisions we took thanks to the insights gained.Dr. Tobias Johann, Founding Partner at Rheingau FoundersContact Us now