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Generate comprehensive business reports with our SQL report builder

An SQL report builder is a software solution that enables technical and non-technical users to create and generate various interactive reports from a set of relational databases. Armed with interactive visualizations, businesses can extract actionable insights to optimize their internal processes and ensure constant growth through efficient data management.

Even though we live in a data-driven era, many companies still have limited access to reports that would enable them to make better business decisions. To help with this issue, tools like a professional online report builder were created. SQL is no longer only meant for advanced technical users. From compiling data to displaying it in an accessible and understandable format to keeping everybody up to date, businesses can access their information and extract actionable insights at any given moment, in any given place (mobile, desktop, or tablet). The only requirement is an Internet connection, and your report building can start in minutes.

That’s not all. Paired with the benefits we just mentioned, a modern SQL report generator will enable you to:

Compile comprehensive reports: In a world where data is created faster than it can be consumed, businesses must be able to catalog, sort, file, and display their data instantly. A sophisticated SQL report builder allows any size and style of business to compile comprehensive reports that demystify the data they are amassing, making it simpler than ever to access key business trends and information. Without sacrificing the flexibility of powerful data analysis, these report builders are specifically designed to transform and manipulate raw data into powerful reports without the need for profound IT knowledge. Utilizing online reporting tools enhances the agility of the IT department and enables the average business user to gather up-to-the-minute information, consequently saving costs and time.
Utilize an easy-to-use interface: Suitable for SMEs as well as larger corporations, a well-designed SQL report tool has a streamlined, easy-to-use interface that allows users to choose what data they want to include in the report. There is also the space to specify where the data will be collected from, and how it will be displayed. When the report is run, all the information is displayed in the desired format, whether a table, a chart, or KPI dashboard.
Foster collaboration: Another key benefit of a modern SQL report builder is collaboration. Thanks to interactive online reports, your teams will be able to work together with the same tool in an easy and efficient way. Interdepartmental collaboration can not only lead to optimizing business processes but can also empower workers who don’t feel comfortable with data analysis to benefit from it. Implementing a long-term data-driven culture in your organization.
Take advantage of artificial intelligence: By using a SQL report generator, most tasks are done with the help of artificial intelligence and the intuitive drag-and-drop interface. This ease of use empowers everyone in a company to perform complex analysis with impressive speed and accuracy, which can be shared with anyone who needs to look up the data. Customizing your own fields, integrating all the data sources into a single data umbrella, and exporting all your important data by taking advantage of ready-made dashboard templates, ultimately brings flexibility and business agility directly to the user.
Tell your data story in an interactive way: For decades, data analysis and reports have been presented in static Excel sheets or PowerPoint presentations that made it difficult to understand and process for non-technical users. Today, thanks to modern BI reporting tools, your SQL reports can be built in the shape of interactive dashboards that can be filtered to show only the needed data. This way, you can compare current and past data to build strong storytelling anyone can benefit from.
Mitigate errors and allocate resources smartly: SQL reports give businesses the necessary knowledge and tools to make smart decisions without any major errors and with the smartest resource allocation. Manual reporting is highly subject to mistakes that can cost the business a lot of money. Added to that, making decisions based solely on intuition instead of actual data insights can also lead to a waste of resources that can have a big effect on profitability. That is why extracting the maximum potential out of your data is so important today. With the help of a professional SQL server report builder, you can take charge of your data and gain a significant competitive advantage.
Secure your sensitive information: In today’s data-driven world, organizations need to ensure their sensitive information is protected at all costs. Especially considering the huge impact a data breach can have from a reputational, operational, and financial level. A modern SQL report builder provides a secure environment for businesses to access, manage, and share their data. Reports can be shared through a password-protected URL and viewing rights can be assigned to ensure only the right people can access and manipulate the data.

When you fully take advantage of these features, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced SQL wizard, the choices you have within the interface are immense, including the sharing options – you only need an Internet connection, and you can start building your reports in minutes, with just a few clicks.

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What are the advantages of an online drag and drop report builder?

SQL is made simple: In these days, complex SQL queries can be created not only by advanced technical users. Thanks to modern database report builder tools with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, business users can analyze data using complex formulas behind the scenes. But there’s more, and we will now take a closer look into these advantages and functionalities:

Cloud environment: An online SQL report builder brings reporting magic into a highly secured cloud, where reports can be shared via automated Emails, custom links, or customized login access. Improving the reporting process and taking a step further from traditional and complex data handling to the simple and easy-to-use online SQL report generator makes data discovery, analysis, and decision-making much simpler and quicker.
Automated reports: Automating reports is an additional feature that saves time – it is no longer necessary to wait hours or even days for the IT department to generate important company data, automation technologies enable businesses to make quality decisions. Through the power of modern dashboard reporting, stunning visuals can be generated with just a few clicks, while the ease of use makes the reporting practice breath of fresh air.
Efficient communication: As mentioned earlier, communication and collaboration can significantly boost a business’s analytical efforts and strategies. A modern report builder online solution offers the perfect environment for your teams to collaborate with each other. Reports can be easily shared through multiple formats such as PDF, CSV, XLS, live URLs, and more. Plus, the sharing process can be automated at a predefined moment and date for selected recipients. That way, everyone will be on the same page and working towards achieving general company goals.
Data in real-time: Real-time data and its online nature make an online SQL report generator one of the best solutions for accessing historical and fresh data on the go. If you have an Internet connection, a web browser, or a mobile app, reports can be generated in seconds with the latest data available.
Flexibility: The flexibility of the online world makes speedy implementation one of the top features that save your business time. SaaS made this happen – deployment became simple, analytics accessible from a single point of access, and sharing and collaboration enhanced. All of this is saved in an online environment that can be accessed from anywhere at any given point in time. Being up to date with analytics and information has become a prerequisite for creating a sustainable department and overall organization.
Agility: Using our report builder in SQL, users can draw up any kind of report, from profitability and KPI reporting to an in-depth management report, in a matter of minutes. This type of accessible, easy-to-use software puts the power back in the hands of decision-makers, rather than sending lengthy requests to IT departments. The people making vital decisions that will further a business are given total access to the data they need; they can view it, sort it, and display it how they choose - and with the SQL report builder, they have complete control at their fingertips.
Focus on insights: Using datapine’s SQL report generator takes all the pains of manually monitoring your data thanks to intelligent data alerts powered by artificial intelligence. The tool uses neural network technology to learn from patterns in your data and notify you if any anomalies occur or if you reached an expected target. All you need to do is set predefined goals and the software will do the rest of the work, leaving you enough time to focus on creating strategies based on the insights you extract from your analysis.
No special expertise required: The use of our tool doesn’t require any special expertise. Thanks to the simple user interface, the dynamic, meaningful dashboards and the instantaneous response to data requests, users need no prior SQL knowledge and don’t need to be proficient in technical code or usage of any other MySQL reporting tools. A modern SQL report tool should be created specifically to cater to the needs of those without any SQL training. We enable you to generate complex reports in seconds with just a few clicks on the graphical drag-and-drop user interface.
Drag-and-drop interface: As mentioned, drag-and-drop is a seamless feature that allows you to analyze your data in seconds. Your multi-structured databases can be manipulated with just a few clicks without the need for advanced IT knowledge. The simplicity of the interface makes the SQL report builder intuitive and saves you time versus hand-coding.
Data visualization: You can create custom visualizations by manipulating and aggregating data for building metrics and KPIs. Assembling them with the help of a dashboard builder will enable you to generate customized dashboards that interested parties can explore and interact with. Plus, if you don’t have time to build a report on your own or don’t feel like designing one, you can benefit from a wide range of templates generated for different scenarios.
Fast database connection: You can connect your SQL databases, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, or Oracle, in just 5 minutes. Once you are connected, you are ready to build rich reports that will enable you to generate true business value. Whereas at one time, your company would have had to employ an IT specialist to report on your online data analysis, you can now have professional software do all the work for you.

If utilized correctly, these advantages can generate enormous business value and opportunities to grow. Whether you’re on a beginner’s or advanced level of building your reports, modern software can help you cut the middleman and establish your own control over your data. Besides, by taking advantage of a real time dashboard, you enable yourself and your team to grow, save time, and, ultimately, costs.


Advantages of our SQL report generator

Use it on the go: Thanks to secure, universal access via cloud-based servers, users can use our online SQL report builder on the go, compiling comprehensive reports and monitoring their dashboards from laptops, mobile phones, or tablet devices. Never miss a business opportunity again, whether you are on a long commute into the office or working remotely.
Easy to integrate: Our SQL report builder can be up and running and accessible in less than 5 minutes. datapine is really easy to integrate into your current database systems.
No SQL knowledge needed: Create your own metrics and customize your dashboards to get the very best out of your data. Don’t worry about advanced formulas and calculations – with our intuitive software, you can create customized metrics without SQL knowledge.
Rapid reporting: A high-speed data warehouse reduces querying time to a minimum. No more long waits for a response from the IT department; rapid reporting tools like datapine, and in-memory technology facilitate quick response and speedy delivery of every data needed.
Adjustable to everyone: Your IT experts will no longer be overloaded with the endless amount of querying or delivering comprehensive reports; our SQL report generator enables each and every employee of the company to create, analyze, share, and present reports that are easy to follow and visually appealing, through stunning interactive dashboards. Extract your data, transform, and load – simple and easy.
Embedding & white labeling: If you want all the benefits of professional SQL reporting tools but don’t want to spend time and money developing one of your own, datapine can be embedded into your systems as if it was your own. Everything in the tool is white labeled, so you can personalize it with your business colors and font.
Predictive analytics: Unlike many other tools in the market, datapine includes a predictive analytics solution that analyzes your historical data in order to find trends and patterns to forecast your future performance.
ETL made simple: Our ETL service provides an additional value that overcomes issues with various data sources that need to be queried and analyzed. The ability of datapine’s smart solution that enables you to outsource these complex tasks into our cloud environment makes your IT department much more unburdened, and your resources saved.

Whether you work in IT, sales, finance, marketing, HR, customer support, or procurement and wish you had ultimate control over instantaneous reports, try out datapine’s business analytics for yourself. Sign up for a 14-day free trial and see what datapine’s SQL report builder could do for you!

but don’t take our word for it...We were amazed how easy it was to use datapine and get the first KPIs within a couple of minutes. datapine is definitively a game changer for us as now all decision makers have quick, easy access to ad hoc analysis, KPI dashboards and reports.Sebastian Diemer, Founder at KreditechGO TO PRODUCT OVERVIEW
If you can visualize it, you can manage it.

Become a data wizard in less than 1 hour!

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