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datapine simplifies every step of the analytics process,
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Companies using customer analytics are 19 times more likely to achieve above-average profitability.
Companies with advanced financial analytics typically enjoy 55% more revenue growth.
Business Intelligence and analytics tools have on average a return on investment of over 1300%.
Companies with analytics tools are five times more likely to make decisions much faster than their competitors.
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Discover new insights & make smarter decisions

At datapine, we believe that insights should be accessible to everyone, at any time and from anywhere. This is why we lean on radical innovation to facilitate the analytics process to companies through agile business intelligence.

Get instant value from your analytics thanks to the fast and easy integration that lets you connect a vast number of data sources in the matter of minutes – and start analyzing and reporting straight away. With artificial intelligence powering many features of our BI software, you can enjoy pattern recognition and machine learning to boost your BI strategy and outpace the competition.

Our solution is designed to be used by people who do not have previous knowledge nor experience in data crunching, but need to use and analyze vast amounts of data: quickly get the answers you need from complex data with datapine!

The Only BI Solution that covers the entire data supply chain

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Connect your data with ease

Day after day, we produce more data than we have ever before. In the matter of hours, we produce as much information as we have done since the dawn of time until 2000. Data gets big, data gets complex, and organizations need to understand and master it in order to leverage its full potential.

That’s why we at datapine want to make your life easy by providing you with access to reliable analytics, that let you to make data-driven decisions with confidence. Connect all your data sources in minutes to our secure and high-speed data warehouse thanks to our wide range of custom data connectors. Get the flexibility you need by consolidating your information in one central point of access, and explore without limits in a couple of clicks thanks to the intuitive drag and drop interface. You can then quickly get insights on-the-fly, and visualize them through professional data visualizations that will tell the story behind your data in no time.

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Agile BI for you

Agile analytics embrace change, and consider it as a competitive advantage. Your business intelligence software should hence support this criterion and offer you the flexibility and effectiveness you need to succeed. datapine's solution is the right tool that will fit all your needs in the matter. Get off the ground with our professional BI software and be ready to generate five times higher revenue than your competitors and increase by 1300% your analytics ROI.

We want to help people answer their questions, backed-up with accurate data. That is why our approach is built on the best technologies and latest advancement in artificial intelligence, while always keeping the end-user in mind: it is accessible enough for non-technical users, and robust enough to provide enterprise-quality insights. The collective human intelligence augmented with machine intelligence: welcome to an enhanced analytics world, at the service of your agile business intelligence.

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Get instant data insights

Get immediate value from your data thanks to our innovative features. Focus on what matters for your business: explore your data, dig through your analytics and reap the fruitful insights faster than ever.

Thanks to our intelligent data alerts, you can stay on top of your data by knowing what happens and when. Our machine-learning pattern recognition algorithm uses historical data to predict the next value of a series, and compares it to the actual outcome, while our threshold alert works with an absolute or relative range that you fix, and lets you know when the fluctuation is off range. Our final alert, based on an artificial intelligence algorithm using advanced neural network for anomaly detection, will let you know whenever a value is abnormal compared to the dataset and how abnormal it is. Whenever one of those alert is triggered, you will be notified, and can that way take action. Stay in control of what drives your business with datapine.

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The datapine advantage - in short


A modern, intuitive drag and drop user interface.

No need to be an IT crack: our interface lets you explore easily your data.

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Access your data from anywhere, at anytime.

Stay in full control of all relevant information wherever you are.

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An automated business reporting system.

Communicate your data and report new insights in an efficient way.

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Innovative, self-learning data alarm system.

Take chances and manage risks with the help of artificial intelligence.

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Select a customized plan tailored to your needs.

Benefit from transparent prices, optional features and high scalability.

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