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In this new era of advanced analytics and big data, you are looking for analytical tools to harness the power of your data.

However, with so many solutions out there it can be hard to make a choice simply based on what you read. You need a tangible proof and a solid demonstration for what you are going to invest in: that’s why at datapine we are happy to create for you an individual proof of concept that will showcase the full potential of our dashboard software.

It’s as easy as three steps, and will help you in your decision on whether we are a reliable partner suiting your expectations: based on a dataset of your choice that you will send us, we build a personalized dashboard that you can test and show to your management or team.


Request POC > Send us your data and KPIs > Get your customized dashboard

Request your personal POC Dashboard with a few clicks

The first step for you is to request a PoC by clicking on the green button hereafter. Simply fill in the form with your name, email, further contact details, and press send. If you want, you can add some details in the text box about who you are, your job function, your company, what type of dashboard features you are interested in and any other information you would like to share with us. Feel free to ask questions if you have some. We will then come back to you straight away to evaluate together with you what your needs and requirements are, what you are looking for precisely and to determine what would best fit you. For further questions feel free to contact us via a phone.

Send us your data and specific requirements

Next, we will ask you to provide a data sample (for example a CSV file) which contains the needed data for your individual dashboard. We would ask you to send us a list of the KPIs that are the most relevant to you and that you want to see on the dashboard. You can highlight specific requirements you would like us to focus on or create specifically, like customized filter or drilldown options you want to use or a particular design you liked on our demo dashboard page. As a general rule of thumb, the more information we are provided with, the better the result. We will then proceed to build the dashboard of your dreams, and come back to you as soon as it is done.

Get your individual dashboard in a professional product demo

Once we have finished the job, we will schedule a short demo together. As part of the demo we will walk you through your personal dashboard, including functionality, visual design, KPI logic and means of customization. We always ensure the dashboard is handed over to you in a proper manner and you can then go ahead and work with the dashboard as part of your 14 days free trial. During those two weeks, we encourage you to customize the dashboard, try our different dashboard analytics features on your own, and add your colleagues as dashboard viewer etc. That way, you have all the keys in hand to evaluate the capacities of our modern business dashboards and make your final decision.

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Or just request your POC online with a few clicks. We will come back to you as soon as possible!

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