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Nowadays, businesses large and small generate masses of data as part of their everyday operations. As a result, data analysis tools and in particular business analysis tools are getting more and more important as it is necessary to get the most value out of information. This is where using tools come into play, bringing the data to life and allowing for a more complex level of analytical study. Serving as the bedrock of a huge number of businesses, business analysis allows organizations to analyze their company data, finding problems to be corrected and searching for better solutions for future business operations and processes.

As a company, big or small, you generate a vast amount of data; but you need knowledge and skills to go through them, filter what needs to be, understand them and ultimately benefit from them. Hiring professionals in data analysis is a first step in the matter, leading to a better comprehension of what is happening in your day to day activities. To go further in the enterprise, equipping them with business analyst tools is a must-do. That way, you provide them with the right tools to help them identify and define the solutions that will increase the value of your company to stakeholders. Business analysts are working across all levels off an organization, they juggle with data from every department: such position confront them with the hard task of combining information from an incredible number of sources and formats. Analytics tools for business analysts like datapine’s have the advantage of compiling and gathering all your databases and sources in one centralized place, facilitating the data collection work. Analysts can focus on the most important part of their job: enabling change in your business by defining needs and advising some solutions that can bring value to stakeholders.

Business analysis tools deliver many other benefits to businesses; they can help to reduce business risks and generate business value all by examining the overall business performance and enhancing the accumulated data. Applying comprehensive business analysis reduces the possibilities of many common risks in the business world, and helps to ensure future success due to the analysis of accurate data. Our solution has been designed to help keep all decision makers and stakeholders or other third parties fully informed of the business’ status.

Typically, business analysis techniques have been cumbersome. Most organizations rely heavily on internal or external IT departments or database specialists and engineers. These groups use sophisticated business intelligence software that is too complex for the layperson to understand.

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Major differences to other business analysis tools and techniques

The purpose of any business analysis tool is to analyze data in order to extract valuable and actionable information from it to ultimately increase performance. But data can be analyzed in many different ways, and we decided to help you in the easiest, visual way. Our analytics tool for business analysts lets you analyze your information and then display it with graphs and charts. It combines at the same time data analysis and data visualization, for a better comprehension of the huge volumes of data you are dealing with on a daily basis.

In comparison to most other business analysis tools and techniques, datapine’s solution combines cutting-edge BI services with a graphical user interface that even the most inexperienced user can use. Knowledge of SQL reporting, relational database, experience and technical code capability is now no longer a necessary foundation to conduct advanced business analysis and our users no longer need to fight their way through complex equations and intricate set-up processes in order to view their data in real-time, as they can easily use it by themselves. With our MySQL query builder you can build the required queries without any technological or SQL knowledge. Of course we support all other common relational databases, too.

With the use of business analysis tools, complex questions are whittled down. With datapine, editing previous reports, generating new ones and amending them as necessary are also made simple. Our drag-and-drop functionality enables users to create, customize and view their reports quickly and easily, creating their own metrics, altering timespans and selecting the charts and tables they want to use with just a few clicks. Unlike many other business analyst tools, datapine not only makes it easy for non-technical users to produce powerful dashboards, but it also enables everyone to have beautiful designs. After the analysis is done, building your reports into compelling dashboards is an incredible asset to convey a data-driven message often based on not-so-sexy datasets. You can customize them at your will, choosing between fourteen different chart and graphs, picking up the color you want and the font size and type you want.

datapine’s incredibly intuitive drag-and-drop user interface leaves no guess work on how to setup meaningful charts, dashboards and reports and share them. Our dashboard software is designed to help keep employees, investors, stakeholders and other invested parties fully informed of the business’ exact status. No matter what industry you operate in, your ability to conduct true and comprehensive business analysis is crucial to your long-term success.

To help you further in that matter, we create several KPI dashboard examples and templates for various functions and industries. Our analytics tool for business analysts lets you easily manipulate your data inside out and extract the maximum of intelligence from your information to identify new opportunities, define new strategies, refine goals and requirements for new projects that you are modeling, as the agent of change you are within your organization.


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If you want to bring your business to the next level, wait no more and jump on our data bandwagon. Thanks to our software, you will crunch your mountains of data in no time, extract actionable insights from them and take informed decisions that will drive your business through.

datapine’s business analyst tool is renowned for its user-friendly experience, but also for its range of superb features which allow users to truly take ownership of their data. Our business analytics software and dashboard builder tool allows users from businesses large and small to:

Come as you are - Build database queries without any kind of SQL knowledge by utilizing the intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
Have it easy - Our SQL query builder automatically creates the SQL code for your analysis needs.
Love flexibility - Access data anytime, anywhere, with secure cloud-based access. Keeping up-to-date with the latest facts and figures, compiling new reports and conducting in-depth analysis.
Get it quickly – Set up datapine in less than 10 minutes and connect your database for analysis immediately.
Shared intelligence – Communication between your different work entities are more efficient thanks to the easy-to-share dashboards and reports across the organization.
Remain safe - Keep sensitive data protected with enterprise-level security layers and various protective features that guarantee no security breaches.
Go real-time - Accelerate the speed of business decisions thanks to real-time reporting. Waiting on the generation of meaningful reports and can finally be a thing of the past with our instant response software, which collates data and compiles it in an easy-to-read format within seconds.

Sounds like something your business could benefit from? Need a solution to enhance your existing BI solution? Try a 14-day free trial of one of the best business analysis tools around and see how it could change the way your business operates.

but don’t take our word for it...We were amazed how easy it was to use datapine and get the first KPIs within a couple of minutes. datapine is definitively a game changer for us as now all decision makers have quick, easy access to ad hoc analysis, KPI dashboards and reports.Sebastian Diemer, Founder at KreditechGO TO PRODUCT OVERVIEW
If you can visualize it, you can manage it.

Become a data wizard in less than 1 hour!

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