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Benefit from state-of-the-art SQL reporting tools

Studies say that, on average, 10% of an organization’s IT resources go directly into database analysis services such as SQL reports. On the other hand, receiving reports from internal or external specialists can take anywhere from several hours to 3 days to receive, which often halts productivity. Considering all this, paired with the time and money such resources cost, it was crystal clear that another type of solution was needed. To tackle this bottleneck and help small and big businesses leverage the power of their data, state-of-the-art SQL reporting tools were created.

SQL reporting is the process of extracting and preparing datasets to generate interactive reports for various devices. Through a business intelligence solution, businesses can perform high-level SQL data analysis and extract actionable insights to boost growth. Thanks to a drag-and-drop interface, beginner and advanced users can fully utilize various features of modern SQL database reporting tools, thus saving time and resources while extracting actionable insights that will boost their business performance.

Let’s take a deeper look into what modern reporting tools for SQL enable you to do:

Simplify advanced analytics if needed: It’s hard to imagine that building an SQL report could ever be an easy thing, but modern solutions have managed to make it so. By getting rid of complicated analysis tools and techniques, modern online reporting software has managed to put advanced analytics directly into the hands of business users instead of over-paid IT specialists.
Make informed decisions: Expanding on the point above, the accessibility provided by a reporting tool for SQL servers allows anyone in the business, from managers to interns, to integrate analytics into their workflows. Doing so will ensure more efficient and informed decision-making that will skyrocket growth and provide a big competitive advantage.
Connect various data sources: Reporting tools for SQL are easy to deploy, as you only need a couple of minutes to connect your various data sources through numerous data connectors and start working with them immediately. With datapine, you can create reports from all relevant SQL databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Google Cloud SQL but also AWS aurora, Heroku, Maria DB, Microsoft Azure, Percona, and Amazon Redshift, among others. Centralizing the data from various sources will save you a lot of time and energy, enabling you to deliver accurate information to anyone who needs it in your company.
Access your data on the go: A SQL reporting tool smartly harmonizes the advantages of centrally managed reporting software, and the flexibility of a cloud-based and on-demand application. When investing in these solutions, you should be able to access your dashboards and reports from anywhere at any time, from any device equipped with a web browser and an internet connection, and generate your reports in a matter of minutes. Your reports should also adapt to the screen size of your device to ensure usability is not affected.
Save time and resources: Database reporting tools have evolved to the point where people with no SQL knowledge can turn themselves into a seasoned data analysts and quickly create a report without having to learn any complicated software. Organizations from small to large companies can free themselves from IT specialists and create any report using an easy-to-understand drag-and-drop interface. Leaving the IT department to focus on other relevant tasks.
Discover the power of data visualizations: Having all your data available in your hands is an invaluable benefit from investing in database reporting tools. But it is only when the data is presented in a visually appealing way to all relevant viewers that the decision-making process can fully begin. Modern tools such as datapine include a dashboard creator so that you can visualize your most relevant KPIs in professional charts and graphs. The human brain processes visual information way better than numbers. Taking that into account, benefiting from powerful visuals will give you a level of insight that will skyrocket your business performance.
Secure your data: With modern SQL server reporting tools, you don’t need to worry about the pressing issue of data security. These solutions offer the highest levels of enterprise security to ensure your data and reports are protected at all times, from storage to sharing. Reports can be shared through a password-protected URL with predefined viewer rights that ensure only the right people have access and can manipulate the information in them.
Explore numerous options: From a real-time analysis, robust reporting options through a link or file sharing, exporting the report, or utilizing various roles you can assign to explore (admin, editor, and viewer), SQL reporting is not just reserved for seasoned data analysts. The values in the field for analysis can be simply dropped, while powerful charts can be generated in seconds. You can customize with additional tooltips, sort, and compare to the previous period, or set up alerts so that your analysis never misses an important business anomaly and structure it in your dashboard reporting process. This will make your reports richer and more accurate.

If you are a more advanced SQL user, though, you may as well enter code manually and command queries. The best SQL reporting tools also let you work collaboratively with your colleagues, offering various sharing and editing options you can revoke whenever you want. That way, with the right people on the right reports, it is easier to tap into the organization’s data potential and make the best of it. You foster collaboration in a meaningful way within your company, while the insights you gain are multiple and valuable.

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Create stunning data reports with top-class database reporting tools like datapine

SQL reporting software enables users to monitor, manipulate, and extract reports created on a specialized platform with interactive data visualizations and sharing options. By connecting all their internal and external data sources into one point of access, users can generate insights without needing any IT skills. Thanks to SQL reporting tools, the analysis process is no longer segmented or challenging.

There are numerous options and features these kinds of software and tools offer. From integrated automatic reporting services that will be appreciated by IT specialists, to the full utilization of a dashboard builder that enables the creation of powerful charts and graphs, depending on the user’s requirements. You simply need to connect your database, and your reporting process can start within minutes. If you need to use a database reporting software, powerful MySQL reporting tools will cover you in your exploration of MySQL. You can also connect your other databases and explore PostgreSQL reporting tools, for example, without writing a single line of SQL code.

But that’s not all; here are some points to keep in mind when utilizing SQL reporting software and creating powerful reports:

Utilized by everyone: They should be created so that non-technical employees from marketing, management, or sales could empower their department with powerful dashboards without spending weeks of training on them. You can be your own IT guy and build queries on your own thanks to software that will enable you to visualize your work through beautiful charts and graphs.
Access from anywhere: Reporting tools for SQL don’t need to be installed on your computer; they can be run on a browser. You can run it from any device virtually anywhere in the world. With modern online data analysis, the possibility to access all your reports through mobile, tablet, or desktop makes your reporting process easy and on the fly.
Quick integration: Database reporting tools don’t take days or weeks to integrate with an individual database; it only takes 5 minutes. You just need to connect your data and start generating invaluable new insights. Even better, you don’t need to worry about manually updating any of your databases. The tool automatically updates them as soon as new data is generated. That way, you’ll always have fresh insights to work with.
SQL report automation: Analysis results such as charts and tables are structured in custom business dashboards and can be automatically sent to selected receivers. You choose the interval, whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly, and let the tool do the rest while you can concentrate on other relevant tasks.
Automatic SQL code creation: Automatic creation of optimized SQL code and saving IT resources during the query process is another distinctive feature of these tools. A company should be able to save time across departments, not just IT, and create a more effective working environment. The automatic code creation will enable you to do just that without requiring substantial IT skills. This creates a more user-friendly approach to data management that would otherwise stay in the hands of IT complexities that business users can now fully avoid.
Customizable: Self-service BI tools were created to make businesses' lives easier by giving them total control over their data. This also includes implementing your reports as an official tool to support decision-making. datapine’s online dashboards can be customized to your company’s color scheme and logo so that your reports will look professional when presented to relevant stakeholders. Additionally, dashboards can be embedded into your system. This way, you get all the benefits of database reporting software without the pains of creating it.
Intuitive: You simply drag and drop the items you want, and charts and tables are automatically created for you, resulting in comprehensive reports that you can easily share with other colleagues or stakeholders, thus, enabling you to focus on the important part of the reporting process, and not on repetitive and manual data management practices.
Stay on top of your progress: Another key feature offered by these tools is intelligent data alerts. These alerts are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, and they are designed to notify the user as soon as an anomaly occurs in their data or a predefined goal is set. That way, you’ll be able to stay informed of any new developments in your performance without the pain of manually checking your reports every couple of minutes.
Interactivity options: One of the greatest values of modern SQL reporting solutions is that they offer an interactive view of your most important KPIs in a centralized report. The data contained in that report can be navigated to answer different questions thanks to interactive filters. datapine offers a range of interactivity features such as drill downs to let you dig into lower levels of data, time filters to visualize different periods, and the possibility to translate the entire report to over 20+ languages to keep your reporting process as accessible as possible, among other functionalities.
Don’t forget advanced features: Paired with all the essential features we just mentioned, professional SQL reporting software should also take you one step further with advanced features. Unlike not many other tools in the market, datapine offers an integrated predictive analytics tool that gives you a glance into the future by analyzing your historical data. Additionally, the software provides you with advanced charting options, such as adding a secondary axis to your charts, conditional formatting, and filtering options to make your reporting process as efficient as possible.

Besides, you stay in control of your data at all times – our user interface facilitates the connection of your database to our SQL report generation tools, but your data never leaves your servers. We spent time designing a solution that provides our users with an enterprise-level security layer so your data will stay safe 24/7/365.


Why choose datapine’s SQL reporting software?

Saving time and resources is a priority in today’s corporate world, so we developed a solution that enables companies without full-time IT teams to be still able to conduct data analysis and take advantage of modern KPI reporting tools. And even if your company does have a department dedicated to analyzing your data, they can still benefit from our SQL reporting software that will save them time, leaving room for other business activities to focus on and increasing productivity. They can automate some of the processes they currently do manually such as generating weekly or monthly reports, for example, and create a routine that will enable the whole company to stay on track and reach their business goals and objectives.

And not just that, our solution is designed to help keep employees, investors, stakeholders, and other invested parties fully informed of the business’ exact status. Whatever industry you work in, our best-of-breed SQL reporting tool ensures that your organization can accumulate and investigate the data that will help further its cause. Our purpose is to allow managers and employees to generate valuable insights from and for their business and make the right decisions at the right moment.

No matter what industry you operate in, your ability to conduct true and comprehensive reports is crucial for your long-term success. datapine allows you to do it on your own without ever having to rely on a third party. Unlike other reporting tools for SQL, datapine puts everything in your hands. You can then visualize your work through powerful charts and graphs that are also highly customizable, and share them with the people you want. You can also send automated reports, as mentioned, that will share your work daily, weekly, or monthly with the data always up to date. Thanks to smart solutions like datapine, your company can adjust its reporting practice to fully correspond with today’s digital environment without the need to employ a whole new IT department.

Of course, the best way to decide whether or not datapine is for you is to see it in action, that’s why we’re letting you take it on a risk-free 14-day test drive. You’ll have access to the full software to discover what’s possible with SQL reporting, alongside our tutorials and customer service that will help you along the way.

but don’t take our word for it...We were amazed how easy it was to use datapine and get the first KPIs within a couple of minutes. datapine is definitively a game changer for us as now all decision makers have quick, easy access to ad hoc analysis, KPI dashboards and reports.Sebastian Diemer, Founder at KreditechGO TO PRODUCT OVERVIEW
If you can visualize it, you can manage it.

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