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What is cloud business intelligence?

Cloud BI is a term used to describe third-party business intelligence applications that are available for business end-users over the Internet and offer advanced BI-related services such as intelligent KPI monitoring or dynamic, interactive dashboard reporting.

The significance of cloud-based tools and services is increasing exponentially. In the next years, it is forecasted that 90% of organizations will be using cloud services such as SaaS. And that’s no coincidence. Considering the potential, budget-friendly options, access to complete business data from a single BI tool, its online nature that allows users to generate insights on the go and access data from any device, including mobile, more and more companies are turning into these solutions over traditional on-premises applications. We will explain why and how.

They provide a competitive advantage: In today’s competitive marketplace, cloud business intelligence is one of the greatest assets a company can have, but only if the right people are able to use it efficiently and effectively for decision-making. No matter the company’s size, businesses produce massive amounts of information every day, coming from customer behaviors as well as internal sources like HR or finances. Behind all this information, there are valuable insights that, if managed correctly, can empower business growth and efficiency. Cloud business intelligence solutions provide businesses with real-time data for an effective and agile analysis process. Being able to visualize their data in interactive BI dashboards that are easy to share and create will put companies one step further from their competitors.
Less IT involvement: In most organizations only trained IT specialists and database programmers can handle traditional BI reporting tools, so that a company’s business intelligence approach often isn’t as effective or beneficial as it should be, putting it at a competitive disadvantage. It can take hours or even days to execute manual database queries and receive actionable results, especially when the data is subject to deeper analysis or has to be collected from several resources. With traditional means of data analysis, reports are static and they take longer to be completed, by the time they are done the data might not be useful anymore. Online BI tools make this process easier, enabling users to extract actionable insights and derive positive business outcomes, while relieving the IT department of all the pains of manually creating reports and leaving them time to take care of other relevant issues and tasks.
Agile decision-making: Enterprises, and small business alike, turn to cloud-based data sources such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Salesforce, Zendesk, Dropbox or OneDrive, to have increased agility into their business strategy and information. But when a business user has to gather all information needed from such sources and create reports and analysis, often the time needed for these tasks doesn’t correspond with the need to obtain speedy information. That’s where cloud BI software comes into play – making business data more accessible than ever, providing a single, centralized point of data management for all data connectors and sources on the market, not to mention the possibility to link custom sources, thus creating sustainable business operations and providing all the data under one business intelligence umbrella.
Foster collaboration: One of the bases for successful data implementation is making sure everyone in the organization is empowered with data analysis. Thanks to the user-friendly nature of modern cloud based business intelligence tools, everyone can create their own dashboards with just a few clicks and grant their colleagues and managers access so that they can work on them together. Like this, a collaborative environment will be implemented and the data analysis process will no longer be segregated to just a few people.

The power to analyze information related to business intelligence and the accessible tools to do so always have to be in the hands of those who need this information most. A professional cloud BI tool doesn’t require the user to be a technician to get the most out of a company’s databases and enables everyone to execute data analytics at any time required. This is achieved through simple, yet powerful business dashboards, where numbers become interactive visuals, ready to undertake analysis, reporting, and monitoring of every business data an organization or company might have.

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Experience the advantages of cloud BI tools

Ease of use: The Cloud BI is about building insights into various business KPIs and other vital company information in a web-based software application. A cloud business intelligence tool enables anyone involved in the business process to analyze and visualize company data and share the analytical results via smart dashboard reporting with stakeholders and other persons of interest. With the help of modern SaaS software, business reporting, database analysis, and other tasks can be handled by anyone with basic computing skills.
Data integration: This kind of smart online software integrates various data with the help of smart data connectors, and reflects your database in a structured and visualized manner to make it easier for you to execute your own data analysis. The drag-and-drop interface and intuitive design allow users to get down into their data, to use our comprehensive visualization features, and to produce analysis and results that can help to improve business performance and discover current trends. In terms of advanced business analytics, cloud BI makes SQL reporting more accessible than ever, and it doesn’t have to rely on the expensive skills of internal or external IT experts anymore.
Budget-friendly: The low entry cost that these tools provide creates a significant advantage in comparison to traditional on-premises solutions. Servers, machines, hardware, and resources from the IT department are significantly reduced since cloud business intelligence software offers subscription-based options that make the costs predictable while added features can be paid extra. This transparency provides companies the ability to take full advantage of these cloud BI tools, also considering the availability to sign up for a free trial and customize the subscription-based on your needs. The online nature of cloud business intelligence solutions also makes them more affordable since no expensive installation or maintenance fees are needed as the tool updates itself.
Data distribution: Being not just easy to use, integrating data from various sources, or offering budget-friendly options, but the possibility to distribute your data via simple link sharing, by a viewer access, or exporting via different file options, enables remote data access and cross-location data sharing with only one requirement: Internet connection. No additional development of infrastructure is needed, which, consequently, helps to drive a faster ROI (return on investment). The ability to access these tools from any device and web browser, including mobile apps, enables simple-to-use sharing options, which can be employed even during out-of-office times.
Accurate information: Within a cloud BI software the accuracy of information increases since formulas can be preserved, links maintained, and data re-checked anytime. With the help of online reporting tools, that have developed into smart solutions used by businesses around the world, the information cannot be lost, overlooked, or stayed untapped. The rapid data-processing these tools offer with the precision that cannot be compared to traditional means of reporting and data analysis, provide a foundation for decreased operational and strategic costs while increasing opportunities for business development.
Fresh business insights: Cloud business analytics is meant to make your life easier by providing smart solutions to leverage the power of your data. Once you have connected all your most relevant sources and created your reports, you don’t need to worry about manually updating your data as the tool will always provide you with the latest information available. All you need to do is access your reports from anywhere with an internet connection, and access fresh business insights at your fingertips.
Future prediction: With the vast amount of data that is gathered today, and the increased amount of analysis needed to be able to make informed business decisions, predicting future strategies and business opportunities can present difficulties even for the most experienced managers. By modeling scenarios with advanced technologies such as intelligent data alerts and machine learning, cloud business intelligence tools make projecting future possibilities much easier and cost-effective. datapine offers an advanced predictive analytics tool for no extra charge, by studying your historical data the tool finds patterns and trends so that you can predict your future performance and plan your strategies ahead.


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With our BI cloud tool, you don’t need to download any software or worry about updates and expiring licenses anymore. You can access your dashboards and reports whenever you want and wherever you are, through any web browser on your internet-enabled devices, like your phone, laptop, or computer. datapine enables you to do advanced database analytics on the fly and to share your results instantly with selected receivers via an email or URL. Take advantage of our smart SaaS tool and be always on top of your business data.

datapine delivers professionally analyzed and visualized business information that can be customized and adjusted online to your changing business needs. With various KPI examples you can choose from, datapine will make your analysis and reporting practice simple and effective. The online nature of our business intelligence cloud system ensures a smooth experience with handling and analyzing all the data your company collects. Let datapine do the difficult data analytics for you and concentrate on exploiting the new data insights to your best advantage.

There are no setup fees involved with our cloud BI tool so your company can start getting the most out of its valuable data sources right now. Start a 14-day free trial now and see how datapine differs in comparison to other cloud BI tools.

but don’t take our word for it...We were amazed how easy it was to use datapine and get the first KPIs within a couple of minutes. datapine is definitively a game changer for us as now all decision makers have quick, easy access to ad hoc analysis, KPI dashboards and reports.Sebastian Diemer, Founder at KreditechGO TO PRODUCT OVERVIEW
If you can visualize it, you can manage it.

Become a data wizard in less than 1 hour!

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